If you want to take the DELE exam, learn flamenco dancing, continue your professional development as a Spanish teacher or come to study with a special group, we've got the solution for you!

These personalized and special interest courses are a great opportunity to give a little flair to your Lenguaviva experience in Sevilla.

Tailor-design a curriculum which fits perfectly to your needs and desires! If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, then taking a one-on-one private Spanish class may be just the program for you.

One on One Spanish Class in Sevilla Characteristics

  • From 1 lesson per week and up
  • Duration: 1 week and up
  • Starting dates: every Monday of the year
  • All levels
  • All year round
  • Tell us your needs and we'll design a special course for you... contact our Head Office in Madrid
  • Special discount: take private Spanish classes in Sevilla with 1 or 2 friends who have the same level of Spanish and pay less!

One-on-One Spanish PRICES

Duration / Lessons 1 Student in class 2 Students in class 3 Students in class
1 lesson per week 40€ per student 25€ per student 18€ per student
5 lesson per week 190€ per student 120€ per student 85€ per student
10 lesson per week 380€ per student 230€ per student 165€ per student
20 lesson per week 690€ per student 450€ per student 320€ per student
30 lesson per week 995€ per student 640€ per student 465€ per student
extra lessons (30+) 33€ per lesson 22€ per lesson 15€ per lesson
Starting Dates & other information
Starting Dates: Any day - All levels - All lessons must be taken within the same week.
Please note that to enroll on private tuition classes for more than one person, participating students must arrive together and be of the same Spanish level
Supplements: 15% additional fee for specific Spanish lessons (example: Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish...); additional fee from 15% for classes outside of the school (min. 15€)

Student Group Travel Prices

If you'd like to come to Sevilla with a group of at least 8 students, we're happy to help you custom-design a personalized Spanish language program, complete with activities and excursions at discounted prices.

Experienced planners at our Head Office in Madrid will work with the home-country leader or teacher to finalize details and the leader will accompany the group during the study period.

Prices, dates, timetables, duration, & course content according to the needs of the group

Excellent group prices!!! Please contact: groups@Lenguaviva.es

Spanish Christmas Course Characteristics

The 1 or 2 week Christmas program is designed for you to enjoy and experience traditional Spanish celebrations while simultaneously working on your language skills. In addition to the 20 Spanish lessons you will receive each week, the Sevilla school organizes excursions and cultural activities, such as visits to typical Spanish Christmas gatherings, nativity exhibits and Epiphany parades. Most of these activities must be booked and paid for at the school.

  • 20 Spanish language lessons per week
  • Duration: 1 or 2 weeks
  • Start Dates: December 24th & 31st (2012), December 23rd & 30th (2013)
  • All levels
  • Once the Christmas Course is over you can always continue your studies with a regular Intensive Spanish Course
  • Special extra-curricular Christmas activities

Christmas Program PRICES

Duration / Weeks Lessons per Week Prices
1 week 20 170€
2 weeks 20 340€
Most activities are included in the price (except transport costs and entrance fees)
All intensive+ courses (20+5 lessons per week) will be converted into the Christmas program during the period.
Non beginner & beginner, all levels

DELE Exam Preparation Course Characteristics

  • 20 Spanish language lessons per week
  • Duration: 2 or 4 weeks

The DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate for foreign students recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. This diploma is an invaluable asset for students wishing to study at Spanish universities or work in a Spanish-speaking country and we offer an examination preparation course at 4 different levels..

Take this exam preparation course in Sevilla and prepare yourself to pass the DELE exam at any of its 3 levels:

  • Nivel Inicial: Certificate of Spanish at an elementary level.
  • Nivel Intermedio: Diploma of Spanish at an intermediate level.
  • Nivel Superior: Diploma of Spanish at a superior level.

Note that we recommend a minimum of an intermediate level in order to pass the Nivel Inicial exam, an advanced level to pass the Nivel Intermedio and an almost fluent level to pass the Nivel Superior.

DELE Exam Preparation PRICES

Course Level Lessons per week Prices for 2 weeks Prices for 4 weeks
A1/A2 20 390€ 680€
Starting Dates 2013
Course Starting Dates 2013: April 29th , July 29th, October 28th
Official exam dates 2013: May 24th & 25th, August 23rd & November 22nd & 23rd. The exams are scheduled by the Instituto Cervantes.
* Preparation course for any of the 3 DELE levels (Initial, Intermediate & Superior).
The price does not include the exam fee ( aprox. 105 € for A1, 120 € for A2, 150 € for B1, 172 € for B2, 180 € for C1 and 187 € for C2 ). The exam takes place in May, August & November. The exact dates and prices for the exam are published by the “Instituto Cervantes” a month and half before the exam day. To formally register for the exam, please bring us a copy of your passport together with your personal details, full payment and permanent address the 1st day the course starts. Please confirm exact 2012 dates contacting our Head Office. Inscription fee: 5€ + exam fee. Minimum age required for the examination: 16 years old
This course accepts a maximum of 14 students per class.

Flamenco/Salsa Course Characteristics

With its origins and legacy firmly rooted in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, Sevilla is an unbeatable place to learn all about flamenco and you can even try it out for yourself! Lenguaviva Sevilla offers you the opportunity to share the stage with professional flamenco dancers and to learn the technical and cultural aspects of this incredible art form.

  • 8 Flamenco dance lessons per week at the Lenguaviva school or at a nearby studio
  • Duration: 1 week with the option of adding extra weeks
  • All levels
  • Starting dates: every Monday, all year round

Flamenco/Salsa Course PRICES

Duration / Weeks Lessons per week Prices
1 week
285€ per week
Starting Dates
Every Monday. All year round. Non beginner & beginner - all levels